Why isn't my garage door opener working? The three most common causes of opener malfunction

The garage is one of the most critical structures in a home. Unfortunately, it is one of those structures that most homeowners take for granted. Garage door maintenance is essential for the safety, security and the aesthetic appeal of your home. Garage door openers are one of the most common sources of garage door trouble. When a garage door opener stops working correctly, the homeowner runs the risk of getting hurt, being locked in or out of the garage and even damages to the car. Here are four of the most common causes of garage door opener malfunction.

When the garage door opener light won't turn on

Light is the first indicator of problems with garage door openers. The garage door opener uses motion activated light from the bulb. In case you blink the light sometimes and discover that nothing is happening, you might need to replace the light bulb with bulbs used in high vibration applications. If the light still doesn't work, then the problem could be in the opener's logic board.

When the electronic sensor is not working correctly

For the garage door opener to work correctly, you need to install the electronic sensor correctly, connect it, align it and clean the lenses. If your door opener is the type which has 'eyes' at different levels and the opener is not working, it means most of the lenses aren't working.

When the garage door drive mechanism is not working

To find out if the drive mechanism of your garage door is working correctly, you just press the door button and observe whether the chain drive is operational. If the drive is working, it means the problem is the door. Find out if the door is jammed, locked or not correctly balanced.  Common causes of garage door jamming include the presence of ice or snow near the door or other physical obstructions.

Your garage door opener might also stop working if you have been hanging things on it, when the springs are not working correctly and if the safety release is not connected. The best and ideal way to deal with garage door issues is to get a qualified technician to troubleshoot possible problems. Trying to pull the garage door down by force will just ruin it. In most cases, replacing a faulty garage door opener solves the problem and eliminates the need for a new garage door installation. For more information, contact companies like National Garage Remotes & Openers.

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