5 Reasons to Choose a Tilt Garage Door for Your Home

Tilt-style garage doors simply tilt out and up to open. They are made of a single panel instead of the multiple panels used for roller-style doors. There are many hidden benefits to the simple design.

1. Automatic Options

Although tilt doors may seem simple in design, that doesn't mean you are stuck with only the manual option. Like any other style of garage door, a tilt door can be connected to an automatic opener system. This means you can use a remote, smart application or garage-side access panel to open the door automatically.

2. Versatile Dimensions

Not all garages are built to the same size, which can be a challenge when you are shopping for a pre-made garage door. Since tilt doors are single-panel, it is much easier to have that panel cut to the specific dimensions of your garage. Wood tilt doors are an especially easy option if you need a door of odd dimensions since wood is simple enough to trim until it fits properly.

3. Space Savings

In some cases, a tilt door may give you space. There are two main styles, those that tilt up but remain sticking out of the garage like a canopy, or those that tilt then slide into the garage. Although the latter does require additional ceiling space in the garage, the former is perfect when you have a low-ceiling garage and don't want to give up space to the door when open. This type of tilt door frees up the ceiling space for storage, as well. 

4. Design Options

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the colour and design of your new tilt door. There is a large range of materials to pick from, such as wood, vinyl or metal. A custom colour is an option, as is customising the texture and finish style. Your door can feature windows, if you like, or you can take advantage of the large, smooth panel to add a mural or repeating design.

5. Low Maintenance

The mechanism that operates a tilt door is much simpler than the rollers, chain and pulley systems used on roller-style doors. This means there are fewer moving parts that need to be maintained, as well as fewer parts that can break down and require repairs. Tilt door maintenance is relatively straightforward. The swing mechanism may require periodic lubrication, as will the track for slide-in models. Of course, automatic openers may also require periodic lubricating or tuning.

Contact a garage door installer to learn more about residential tilt doors.

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