Common Materials Used in Making Garage Doors

Garage doors have become part and parcel of the modern residential home. They are not only functional for storing and protecting your valuables, but they also add style and even class to a home. It is, therefore, important to choose the right garage door that will meet all your needs.

Garage doors come in variety of models, designs and materials, making it hard for you to choose a suitable one. One of the most important considerations to make when choosing a garage door is the material the door is made of. Given below is important information on garage door materials:

Aluminium doors

Aluminium is quite strong, thus offering you the protection and security you need from a residential garage door. Apart from being strong, aluminium also offers the advantage of being rust proof. Garage doors with aluminium frames are also quite versatile in terms of aesthetics. For instance, these frames can be coated with a wood-like finish to give a garage door the elegance appearance of cedar wood.

Steel doors

Steel garage doors are a common choice for homeowners in Australia, as they are affordable. Steel doors are also low maintenance when compared to their wooden counterparts. Steel is also attractive and gives homeowners a variety of aesthetic options when it comes to finishes and colors. One disadvantage of a steel garage door is that it can easily dent; however, the advantages of steel still outweigh its shortcomings.

Timber/ wooden doors

If you're looking for elegance, class and beauty, then wooden garage doors are your ideal choice. The 'natural essence' emitted by wood creates a distinct warmth around the home and even creates a rustic charm, which increases your home's street appeal.

Apart from its aesthetic value, wood is also strong, thus great for offering you the security you need for your valuables. Despite its many advantages, wooden doors do have the disadvantage of being "high maintenance," as they need regular refinishing and repainting to preserve their beauty. Wooden doors can also be quite expensive; however, the price of these doors is largely dependent on the quality of the wood, the type of finishing and the type of frames used on the door. Some of the most popular types of wood used for making garage doors include western red cedar, redwood and mahogany.

Do you want the charm and beauty of wooden garage doors? Or maybe you prefer the strength offered by aluminum or the affordability of steel doors. Whatever material you choose for your garage door, make sure that it meets all your home needs. Contact a local garage door service company for additional advice.

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