Three Signs That You Need to Repair Your Garage's Roller Door

The garage is one of the most critical aspects of the security of your home. Unfortunately, many homeowners ignore and neglect their doors. When garage doors stay for months without proper maintenance and troubleshooting for possible problems, they start failing. There are times when a problem with the garage door will have a simple solution, but at other times, an expert is needed to carry out the repair and replacement of faulty parts. You should consider replacing your garage door if it is having the following problems.

When the door shimmies and shakes when going down

Shaking happens when the door is bunched up at the top or when it is not running evenly. When the torsion springs are set incorrectly, the door will jump on its way down because the motor will be operating the door alone. The quick-fix is closing the door by putting some pressure on the side that is higher as the door goes down. However, it is best to consult a technician to find the cause of the problem and fix it as leaving it that way shortens the lifespan of the motor and the entire door.

Screeching and other loud noises as you operate the door

If you can hear screeching noises when you are operating your garage door, it is an indication that there is a lot of dirt and other debris on the tracks of the door. The DIY solution for this problem is cleaning the tracks with water and a piece of cloth. For other stubborn dirt and grit, you can try to use cleaning solutions as long as they do not contain harsh chemicals. You can also lubricate the door tracks again to make the door resumes moving smoothly.

When the door goes down too quickly when closing

The movement of the door is supposed to be gradual and controlled when the torsion springs are working correctly. When the springs are not working correctly, the motor gets a lot of strain and wears out very fast. Ignoring this problem can also lead to the springs breaking, which would be very dangerous to everyone using the garage door.

Other indicators of issues with roller doors include when the door sticks in the closed or open position and when the opener refuses to operate with both the remote control and the wall switch. The best way to deal with a problematic door is to get a technician to handle the repair, and if the door has reached the end of its useful life, get a replacement.  

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