How to Choose the Right Farm Shed for Your Property

A farm shed is not like a standard shed that you would put in a backyard; sheds for farms typically need to be quite large, and may need to hold heavy-duty tractors and other such equipment, as opposed to a standard lawnmower and some garden tools. Many farm sheds also work as grain storage or as a type of barn, housing animals and being used for milking, feeding, shearing, and so on. If you're in the market for a farm shed, note a few tips on how to select the right one for your property, and this will ensure it fits all your farming needs in particular.


Grain storage sheds should have an overhead loading system, as this often makes it easier to pump grain from a truck, rather than having to simply dump grain from an entryway. Look for plenty of ventilation so that the grain doesn't absorb humidity and become sticky or otherwise ruined, along with thick mesh screens around the windows, to avoid debris getting into the grain.

Farm machinery

If you want to store farm machinery and equipment in the shed, note that dual doorways can be worth the investment; this means you won't need to back the machinery out of the shed, but can drive it straight from one side to the other. Proper roof ventilation is also needed, to allow fumes to escape when you're running the machinery, and to keep humidity from getting trapped in the shed, leading to early rust and corrosion of metal parts. You'll also want to ensure the shed is installed with a concrete floor that is thick enough to accommodate the size and weight of the machinery, including when a trailer or seed spreader is loaded with grain or other materials.

Feeding and calving

If you'll be using your shed for any type of feeding, calving, shearing, or protection for your farm animals, be sure to opt for one with a very tall and steep roof, for added ventilation. Natural lighting can be calming for animals, so look for skylights or overhead windows, rather than choosing a fully enclosed roof and artificial lights. Concrete floors are easier to clean and hose down than standard dirt floors, so opt for a shed installation with flooring, even if you choose an open shed without walls. Roller doors will also be easier for dairy animals, as you can easily open and close the doors without worrying about having to herd the animals away from the shed, creating clearance for hinged doors.

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A farm shed is not like a standard shed that you would put in a backyard; sheds for farms typically need to be quite large, and may need to hold heavy