Warning Signs That You Need a New Garage Door

Most people do not consider a garage door as one of the important features of their home. However, it is useful and it provides your home with an appealing look. A garage door will also increase the value of your home in case you want to resell it so it is worth the investment. A residential garage door needs proper maintenance for it to last long. With time your garage door may have problems and you will have it repaired. However, it may reach a point where the door is beyond repair and you will need a new garage door. The following are tips that will help you figure out if you need to replace your garage door.

Lack of Safety

Garage doors can cause severe injuries or death if they close unexpectedly. This is because they are normally very heavy. An automatic garage door has a sensor that will detect if there is something on its way when it is closing. Therefore, if you notice that your door closes even when there is something on its way, it is very dangerous. This could not only hurt your family and pets but it will also mean that intruders can easily break in. Replacing your garage door could be the best option in this case because safety is your priority when you decide to invest in the door.

Excessive Noise and Frequent Breakdowns

You may notice that your garage door produces a lot of noise when you are opening or closing it. This could simply mean that there is a component on your door that needs to be repaired or replaced. Even after repairing or replacing the component, you may notice that there is still a lot of noise. You may also notice that your door shakes whenever you open or close it. If you also experience breakdowns frequently, it means you will be spending a lot on repairs. Therefore, you should save yourself the trouble and get a new garage door.

Opens or Closes Slowly

If you notice that your garage door does not respond quickly when you press the button on the opener, then it means that there is an issue. You should get a technician to check the door and figure out the issues since they are in a position to tell if they can be fixed. However, if you have used your garage door for many years and it has this problem, there are very high chances that you will need a new garage door.

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