4 Reasons Why Roller Shutters For Your Home's Windows Are A Smart Investment

Roller shutters are an increasingly popular home addition for many Australians. Similar to garage doors in look and function, they are installed on the outside of the home and are used to cover windows. You can opt for a manually operated style, but for ease and convenience, the best option is automated shutters that can be opened and closed via remote control.

If you're thinking about installing roller shutters on the windows of your home, here are four reasons why they're a very smart investment.

1. Increased security

Roller shutters are made from strong, durable aluminium. When closed, they're locked tight and almost impossible to prise open. They provide both a visual and physical deterrent to would-be criminals and make your home a very unappealing target for burglary. You'll enjoy a feeling of increased security both when you're in your home and when your home is vacant.

2. Higher levels of insulation

It's widely understood that a well-insulated home is more energy efficient and better at maintaining a comfortable internal temperature. However, the windows of many homes are sorely under-insulated because glass provides very little thermal resistance. Aluminium shutters create an extra layer of insulation, and the air pocket between the shutter and the glass also acts as a thermal barrier.

3. More protection from storms

If you live in an area that's prone to frequent severe storms, then you'll understand how vulnerable windows can be. Broken tree limbs and branches as well as flying debris can shatter unprotected windows with ease. This can be terrifying and can cause costly damage to the interior of your home. Roller shutters provide excellent protection for your windows during severe storms. The strong aluminium will repel almost anything that mother nature can throw at it.

4. Better bush fire resistance

Bush fires are an increasingly more common phenomenon around the country, and it's not just rural homes that are at risk. Windows are very vulnerable during a bush fire, with glass often imploding when exposed to high temperatures. In turn, this allows embers to enter the home and ignite it from the inside. Roller shutters can protect your glass from the full heat exposure and maintain a barrier if the glass does shatter. The shutters also protect flammable timber window frames from catching fire.

Roller shutters really do provide a home with a great many benefits that can't be achieved with other types of window covers. If they sound like they'll make an excellent addition to your home, then contact your local supplier and installer to find out more.

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