Can Your Windows Cope with Climate Change?

People have varying responses to the issue of climate change. These can be fairly minor, such as checking your carbon footprint and taking steps to reduce it. Others might take their concerns to the street, such as the tens of thousands of Australian students who participated in rallies to urge government action against climate change. And then there are more extreme responses, like the women who feel that having children and increasing the global population is so damaging to the environment that they've had themselves sterilised.

Action against climate change begins at home, and while you might opt for an offensive strategy, taking practical action to minimise your contribution to climate change, you also might need to consider a defensive strategy. It's your home's windows that allow your home to be exposed to the outside climate, in all its extremes. How can you better equip your windows to deal with climate change?

Transmission of Heat

It's perfectly natural for temperatures to fluctuate in line with the seasons, but climate change could make these fluctuations more extreme, with hotter temperatures becoming more likely. Increases to global temperatures could make London as hot as Barcelona by 2050. If you've been to Canberra in the summer, spare a thought for the residents of Paris and Berlin, as these cities could have a temperature comparable to the Australian capital, also by around 2050. In an Australian heatwave, you might opt to simply close the windows to keep the heat out. This is more effective with certain types of glass, so you could simply replace your existing windows with glass that has been manufactured to block the transmission of heat. A sealed home can be a warm home, so you could upgrade to an eco-friendly air conditioner.

Cross Ventilation

When the heat is moderate, but not so extreme that you feel the need to seal your home against it, you need to take advantage of any available breeze. Security mesh over your windows is a fantastic idea, since you can keep your windows open 24 hours per day. This allows for cross ventilation throughout your entire home.

Protective Barrier

It's also speculated that climate change is leading to storms of increasing intensity, which makes them more destructive. Bushfires are also being made worse by climate change, with abnormal weather patterns leading to an abundance of dry material for fires during the summer months. Roller shutters for your windows are an effective way to safeguard your home against these destructive forces. They will protect your windows against flying debris during a storm and can prevent a bushfire from entering your home via your windows. It might seem extreme, but roller shutters can offer an effective last line of defense in the event of an emergency.

Action against climate change might begin at home, but you also need to protect your home against the potential ravages of climate change.

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