Are Roller Doors Really Better For Garage Owners?

If you use your garage to park your car in regularly, or simply for extra storage capacity around the home, then you may think it is best to stick with traditional garage doors. After all, an up-and-over single-panel garage door is convenient, lightweight and easy to operate. Equally, traditional hinged garage doors have very little to go wrong and are often favoured for their reliability. However, these are not the only option. In fact, roller doors are being installed all over Australia these days because they provide additional benefits that hinged garage doors and single-panel ones simply do not. What makes roller doors such a popular choice for garages nowadays?

Extra Room

To begin with, a garage door which rolls up on itself means that you have lots of spare storage capacity. Sometimes it is impossible to park a car with a roof rack in a garage because the door will be in the way when it is open. The slats of a roller door, on the other hand, will not cause such a problem. Furthermore, you can usually make more use of the overhead space than you would otherwise be able to with an up-and-over type of door. True, hinged garage doors don't suffer from this problem, either. However, they need lots of space to be maintained in front of your garage so they can be opened. Again, this is not an issue with roller garage doors.

Better Security

As well as affording you more storage capacity, a roller door will be very secure. After all, these types of door are used in industrial units all over the world. They are commonly made from tough sections of interlocking metal which, once they are dropped down, make an almost impenetrable barrier. You cannot force a roller door open even if you use tools like crowbars or sledgehammers. If you store anything of value in your garage, then you should consider a roller door based on security alone.

Keep Out Pests

When the slats of a roller door have interlocked with one another, they do more than simply keep out would-be intruders. They make a tight seal which means that little creatures cannot get inside. If you have ever suffered from an infestation of winged insects, then you will know how much damage they can cause. Roller doors are extremely effective at preventing them from getting inside. What's more, they can also help to stop sand and other unwanted airborne particles from making their way into your garage — potentially ruining its contents — as well.

For more information on roller doors, reach out to a garage door company near you. 

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