Why Do Garage Doors Need Repairs?

There are all sorts of reasons that you might need a garage door repair. That said, some faults are more common than others so it is worth knowing exactly why your garage door might be faulty. If your problem is one of the most frequently occurring faults, then it is much more likely that an effective repair can be carried out. Therefore, you should seek a company that provides garage door repair services rather than immediately opting for a replacement door. What are the most common reasons to need a garage door repair? Read on to find out.

Worn Down Rollers

This is a problem for both horizontally and vertically operated garage doors. Rollers will continue to spin around when they have been worn down but they won't shift the panels of your garage door as effectively as they once did. This usually means that your door opens and closes slowly or that it seemingly gets stuck for a few moments before making further progress. Usually, the problem is rectified by simply replacing the rollers concerned or realigning them so the worn-down section is no longer in use during operation.

Overloaded Springs

Not all garage doors use springs but they are still a good way to get an even lift from an up-and-over garage door. If you have pushed your garage door too far when opening it, however, then this can result in the springs extending further than their design limit. If so, the only viable door repair will be to replace the misshapen springs with new ones. This is a relatively simple repair for a professional to carry out and should cost nowhere near as much as fitting a new door.

Broken Cables

Many owners of garage doors with broken cables continue to operate them by hand. However, this is seldom a good idea because the cables used with modern garage doors are there to prevent them from coming down too quickly. As such, although it is possible to open and close a garage door with broken cables, doing so is dangerous. The door could fall down at any time and injure someone standing beneath it. Again, replacing damaged cables is relatively inexpensive and will not take long to carry out.

Bent Guides

Sometimes, you can bend a guide track back into shape by using a hand tool, such as a screwdriver, as a lever. However, some garage door guide tracks are harder to repair and take a professional to straighten them out properly. If your door gets jammed in its track, then seek expert advice before attempting to repair it yourself. Contact a garage door repair service for more information. 

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